Prison - Free

Krijg 10.000 punten gratis! Vul je informatie in, en join de server.

Prison - Small

Betaal maar €5,- voor 7.500.000,- punten!

Prison - Normal

Het is maar €7, maar 10.000.000,- punten!

Prison - Big

Get 15.000.00, for €10.


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    1. You are not allowed to use hacks, but you are allowed to use normal mods, like Optifine.
    2. Don't be a racist.
    3. Ads are not allowed.
    4. Don't scold in the chat.
    5. Spamming is not allowed.
    6. Don't hack.
    If you do something that's not allowed, you wil get an Warning!
    If you do it again, you get an Time Ban.